Holle Organic 6+ Veggie Bunny Veggie Puree (12 Pack)

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Meet our newest offering from Holle.   Tasty organic fruit and vegetable purees made without added sugar or salt.  The ideal snack between meals or on the go.   Made with ingredients of the best Demeter/biodynamic & non-GMO quality in Italy.  Six varieties to choose from for 6 months +.


    No Added Salt or Sugar

    Organic Carrot 70%
    Organic Peas 10%
    Organic Sweet Potato 19%
    Organic Lemon Juice Concentrate 1%

    Finely puréed pure vegetables without any additives - grown in (Italy)

     Directions For Use


    • Use a spoon to feed the purée to younger children.
    • Easy to use resealable pouch.
    • Keep the screw cap out of reach of children.
    • Can be stored in the fridge for 2 days after opening.