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Cow milk vs. Goat milk: what’s the big difference?

Here is a breakdown of the difference between these two (equally delicious and nutritious) drinks:

Digestion. Many U.S. parents start out with cow milk as it is the more “traditional” choice. You might be surprised however that more than 65% of the world drinks goat milk.

While there are a range of reasons why parents might look beyond cow milk, many end up looking to an alternative when a child doesn’t tolerate cow milk well. Goat milk tends to be more easily digestible and it contains less lactose — about 12 percent less per cup. But since goat milk does contain lactose, it’s not a good alternative for kids that are lactose intolerant

Taste. If you yourself have ever tried goat milk, you might have noticed a slightly different taste compared to cow milk. It can have a thicker, creamier and sweeter taste.



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